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Jungle Wear Birdie Diapers.
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Frequently asked questions.
  - Diapering a smaller parrot size 1 - 3
  - Refund policy
  - How often will I need to change my bird?
Questions and answers.
Question.Diapering a smaller parrot size 1 - 3
Place the Jungle Wear Birdie diaper really close to the cage so they can see it for about 2 days.  Then because of their size you will place the parrot suit in your hand and hold the leg and wing openings of the bird diaper between your fingers, spreading them apart.   Place your bird on the bird diaper and wrap it around him/her quickly.  Fasten the Velcro. The velcro sould be at the back and the V shape should be at the tail end of your bird, to receive the droppings. Finally  help the legs and wings through the openings.  Please remember to change liner if suit is being worn for extended periods of time.  You can dress any bird.  Coco was 25 years when he was introduced to Jungle wear Birdie Diapers. 
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Question.Refund policy

We do not accept refunds for the following reasons.

There is a risk of spreading disease to other birds receiving product which has been returned. We will only accept refunds for items which are in un-opened original packaging. 

We will however provide an exchange if your bird diaper does not fit.  Jungle Wear Birdie Diaper does not re-sell exchanged product.  We would like our customers to be satisfied with the fit of our high quality product.

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Question.How often will I need to change my bird?
If liners are used there will be less mess and you need only change the liner every 4-6 hours.
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