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Jungle Wear Birdie Diapers.
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Cleaning Instructions:

If liners are used there will be less mess and you need only change the liner every 4-6 hours. If no liner is used then clean more often with mild soap or use our Jungle Wear Gentle Care. The suit should be hung to dry.

A Word Of Advice

The suit will need changing at least two times daily. Your feathered friend should not be expected to wear it at bedtime, because birds preen all of their feathers once a day. When first using the diaper, many birds are clumsy for the first few minutes, but quickly adjust to the new garment. As your bird accustoms itself to this, it will associate outings and freedom with the garment and will not resist.

Jungle Wear Birdie Diapers is highly recommended for birds like Coco (in the hard to diaper video) because the garment keeps him warm. A special soft fabric is recommended because it touches the bare skin.

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